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Christopher Pitbladdo is an Avid Editor, based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, also known as Scotland's Central Belt. He's been a freelance editor, working on many jobs, for all the UK broadcasters, including the BBC, Channel 4, and many others. His credits include the story of The Enfield Poltergeist, in a film called Interview With a Poltergeist, for Nobles Gate. Other Nobles Gate jobs include The Princess and The Gangster, which tells the story of Princess Margaret and gangland criminal, John Bindon. He also Edited Timewatch: The Last Duel which told the story of David Landale, a respected linen merchant from Kirkcaldy. He's also worked for other production companies, like IWC Media, Mentorn, Folio and others. For IWC, he edited Robbie Coltrane's B-Road Britain, and more recently Extreme Fishing with Robson Greene. For Folio, he's Edited many documentaries, like Car Wars, Drug Wars, Cops Robbers and Videotape, and many others. Why don't we just list some of the things he's edited, and for whom... For October Films, in Kentish Town, he edited Dispatches: The Court of Ken. It was presented by The New Statesman's Martin Bright, and spilled the beans on London Mayor Ken Livingston. For Folio London's Matt Holden and the ITV network, he edited Half-Ton Hospital, the story of the Brookhaven Clinic in New York City and it's quest to help morbidly obese Americans. It's a losing battle. The Sex Blog Girls is a Channel 4 documentary, directed by Craig Collinson for Nobles Gate. It tells the story of the sex blog revolution that's gripped dozens of people around the world. Specifically, we tell the story of Abby Lee, who's real name is actually Zoe Margolis. She's a self-obsessed woman, who seems fairly sure that vomiting her sexual exploits (mostly imagined) onto a webpage for the whole world to enjoy/endure. It's important to remember that Christopher Pitbladdo is based in Edinburgh, but can be in Glasgow in no time at all. He has his own Avid Media Composer Edit Suite at home, with plenty of sofa space to relax and be creative on. Just to re-iterate, Christopher can edit in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Inverness, Aberdeen. You name it, he can be there. Whether it's offline editing, or online, Chris is happy. He's just as creative in both offline and online suites. He's also quite happy to work with After Effects, and he's getting better and better with Final Cut Pro. You may remember the Channel 4 documentary, The Ripper Hoaxer: Wearside Jack, which re-told the story of Peter Sutcliffe and John Humble, the man who impersonated him in a series of tape recordings that led Yorkshire police on a wild-goose-chase, and ultimately let to the death of more women. It was another Nobles Gate Production, and was oflined and onlined by Christopher Pitbladdo. He's also edited programmes like OAPs on ASBOs, which took a light-hearted look at wayward old age pensioners. Then there was the Brian Cox documentary, in which Nobles Gate cameras followed Brian Cox as he lived his life for six months. There's been lots more, but really, this little piece of text is simply to help you find your way here from wherever you've been. Don't forget though, Christopher Pitbladdo is an award-winning Offline Avid Editor in Edinburgh and Glasgow.